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A Trilliant cut diamond is a triangular shape comprising of three equal sides and 31 or 50 facets depending on whether the diamonds are used for solitaire or side stones. For solitaire rings a curved cut is the norm . These diamonds are most often used as side stones to complement larger centre solitaire stones . The Depth is important in these cuts as it impacts the beauty and fire of a stone considerably.



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Trilliant Diamonds

The Trilliant cut has many variations with either curved or uncurved sides, and various shapes for the top surface or the table. The diamantaire uses their personal judgement and skills to produce the most beautiful shape from the natural rough diamond. For solitaire rings a curved or convex cut is produced, whereas accent stones are cut uncurved or concave. The diamantaire may round corners, modify the shield shape, or add triangular step cuts to produce a unique style that has both great brilliance and fire.

Today larger Trilliant cut diamonds are rare and can be comparitively expensive compared to other cuts. We keep an eye out for these cuts and when we find shapes we really like as they have great fire and brilliance and are also good value we will make them available through the Diamonds4Crypto website.

Often Triliant cuts are used as side stones to support round brilliant cuts on rings. Larger stones also offer a striking option for soliataire rings being both rare and with excellent brilliance and fire.

A Trilliant cut,sometimes called a trillion,trillian,or Trielle is a triangular type of diamond cut comprising of three equal sides and 31 or 52 facets.