Who We Are

We're a team of people who on the one hand love diamonds and on the other are real believers in crypto and decentralised finance. Our Founder is Jonathan Kendall, who has held a number of senior roles in the diamond industry over the past 20 years .Today, as well as running Diamonds4crypto, he is Executive Vice President of The World Jewellery Confederation ( cibjo) , an advisor to start ups from Oxford University , and a supporter of social impact projects in Africa. Our aim is to bring you the best quality diamonds for your budget, using crypto as your payment method. We only source diamonds from sustainable mining companies ; we only use polishers and cutters that are accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council ; and we provide you with a Non-Fungible Token of ownership as soon as you send your crypto so there is no risk to you. We realise its critical you can trust us and that's why we have developed a process that secures your diamond immediately you place an order. We only sell GIA graded diamonds because we trust the GIA, and we select every diamond to make sure you buy the top quality diamond within its grade. What do we mean by this ? Well, every grading decision positions a diamond within a grade , but even within that grade there are those diamonds that are better - these are the diamonds we select for you. So if you chose , for example, a VS1 clarity stone we make sure that stone is in the top quartile of VS1 quality . This selection process is designed so our customers get the best value for money and the most beautiful diamonds for their budget.